Some resources on Aladdin and Near Eastern Philology and Scholarship

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Looking forward to our session today; some of you may be interested in learning more about the sources for Aladdin and why it might be so different from the other stories in the 1001 Nights.

Here are a few articles, one from the Guardian, which is a review of a new translation of the Aladdin story with notes by a prominent scholar.

Here’s another article on Galland’s “Syrian storyteller”, Hanna Diyab and a bibliography on the sources of the Nights.  Galland did NOT give credit to Hanna Diyab for his information.  Boo!  Hanna Diyab’s memoirs were recently found in an archive in the Vatican and published in a French translation.

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Were all European philologists and translators in the Middle East men?  Last year a fascinating documentary on Gertrude Bell, a scholar who was recruited into the British Civil Service was released, “Letters from Baghdad”. Have a look at the preview!

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